error c000021a - BSOD on boot

i made some registry permissions changes (on HKLM) trying to correct an Office 2010 error. got a BSOD and now am getting said Blue Screen just after Win7 starts loading.

i'm able to boot into an alternate Vista install on C:. 7 is on D:...

my Win7 boot disk says 'couldn't find NTLDR, which seems odd? i read that that's an XP error, that 7's error should be can't find bootmgr (bootmgr is missing from D:, i think)

please anyone help so i don't have to format D: ???


why the heck would my Win7 Boot disk say 'can't find NTLDR' from bootup?

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1. yes, saw that first, can't get into Win7 to start Dr Watson

2. can't get to the window to get to Safe Mode. F8 starts my Acer Emergency something or other.

3. Start Up repair can't fix the problem, going to Sys Restore tells me i have to enable System Protection for D:, and i have no idea what that means. i can only boot to C:.

damn it. :eek:)

Time for a clean install.

Your only hope otherwise is to get to the boot choice screen by hitting f8 at the appropriate time and not too early. Then choose last configuration that worked, or similar wording, from the choices.

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