error checking does not work

I have windows 7 ultimate (x64bit) and I want to use error checking to check C driver but everytime after rebooting windows ,error checking screen appear and I do not press on any button but when error checking countdown reach to (1 sec remain to skip) ,error checking freeze and nothing happen for too long time and I have to shut down plz I want to know if there is any way to fix windows error checking application ??

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The problem is that the check disk flag is set. The deeper meaning of that is that Windows knows there is an issue with your hard drive.

Boot to safe mode. Then open an elevated command prompt. Type chkdsk /r then hit enter. Follow the on-screen instructions. It will do all it can to fix the issues.

When done, boot to normal mode. If the issue continues to persist, replace the hard drive with a new one.

thanks for your help but this problem still occur :(

You're welcome. :)

thanks for your help but this problem still occur :(
Meant very respectfully of course, and in the interest of repairing the actual problem so no further issues exists, that's because the advice was not followed through completely:

"If the issue continues to persist, replace the hard drive with a new one."

--- Unfortunately, it looks as though throwing some money at this problem will bring about the best resolution for you.

I might not have to change my hard drive as I still have win vista also intalled on my PC and its error checking application works well and show that there are not any bad sectors or any thing wrong also in my hard drive so I think that the problem is in Win 7 error checking application itself.


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Can you get into Windows 7 or even Vista and use the snipping tool to take a picture of your disk management window and attach using the paper clip. Maybe someone will see something funny with your install.

Is your Vista hard drive the same one used for Win 7? How did you install Win 7, as a dual boot with Vista?

Win 7 is telling you that a new hard drive would be beneficial to your system. It's not making things up.

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