Error Code 0x0000007B


I have recently purchased a new pc.


Gigabyte GA-A55M-S2H

AMD A4 3400


Western Digital 500GB HDD




I wanted to have a dual boot setup using Windows 7 Home Edition and Windows XP (neither are OEM) using 2 partitions on the HDD. I installed Windows 7 first on a 150GB partition without issue. I then attempted to install Windows XP. Windows loaded the files prior to install then I got a blue screen with a message that Windows had detected an issue and had stopped the installation to save my computer with the following error code:

0x0000007B 0xF78D2524 0xC0000034 0x00000000 0x00000000

I spent some time researching online and every response suggested going into the BIOS and either disabling AHCI, change from RAID/Auto AHCI to Auto ATA or set IDE mode as default. I had a look through the BIOS and the closest thing I could find was

OnChip Sata Controller: Enabled
OnChip Sata Type: Native IDE

Can anyone help me obtain a dual boot system without this error message appearing?



UPDATE: Someone suggested I needed to install XP first. I deleted both the 100MB system partition and Windows 7 itself, attempted to install XP but received the same error code.


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Windows XP does not understand the AHCi SATA controller and will give a Blue Screen. You have a couple of options. One is to slipstream the necessary driver into the XP install DVD or use a USB floppy drive to load the AHCI drivers during the install.

You can find how to slipstream the DVD online.

There are other ways to mess with which driver is available, but it gets a little complicated, so I would stick with one of the two options above.

Once you install XP after Win 7, it will overwrite the Windows 7 boot system so you need to know how to get it back. Let us know.

Thanks for the response Saltgrass. As it turns out, part of my problem was I didn't have any SATA drivers on my XP installation disc. I found some, slipstreamed them into a new XP disc and was able to format and load the XP files to the HDD but when the pc rebooted I got a whole new problem. After the "Press any key to boot from CD/DVD" message dissapears without me touching any key I now get "A disk read err r has occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" and there is a red $ with a blue background, an orange 8, a (card) spade symbol with a light blue background and a grey e placed randomly on my monitor. Restarting the pc just reproduces the same issue. Looks like I have some more research to do.



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Sounds like a video situation with the presentation you are getting.

Did you slipstream the F6 AHCI drivers for your motherboard, and where did you get them?

Burnning a slipstream can be problematic. It probably needs to be burned at a slow speed, if you did not do that.

Do you remember what site you used for a reference on how to slipstream?

Yay me. My problem has been resolved.

I located SATA drivers for XP, Slipstreamed them into XP, installed XP first on my HDD then installed Windows 7 second with OnChip Sata Type: Native IDE Setting in the BIOS. I now have a dual boot setup.

Thanks for the assistance,


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