Windows 7 Error code 0x8oooffff on HP8540w laptop

Red Barns

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I turned my HP8540w on last night when I lost power. I did notice that there was a message on screen saying that there was an update to Registry just before the power was lost. Now laptop won't start up, goes to blue screen and says it has to close down. Run Launch Startup Repair and it says that it can't repair this computer automatically and then computer turns off. I have tried all sorts starts and checks from Startup Menu to no avail. The only code I get is 0x8oooffff

you could try pressing F8 whilst booting and get into the advanced boot options. Try the setting 'Last good known configuration' and your install will return to a point where it worked. Failing that, change your boot order, via the bios, to boot from CD/DVD and boot from the win 7 disk. When you get to the install page click 'Repair'.
If you don't have a win 7 disk then try a recovery disk. This web page should have all you need:

Download a repair/ recovery cd for windows 7 and windows Vista