Error Event 11

The Driver detected a controller error on:
\device\ide\ide port 0

It seems this event causes the desktop of what ever I'm doing to freeze for a while.

From the specs below, take out one stick of RAM for 3gb
Take out the 80gb ide hard drive
THe 500gb SATA drive is partitioned into approx 2 250 drives, C and D and connect to SATA 1 slot.
I have the jumper in the slots on the HD to make it transfer at 150mb sec vice 300
C is Win XP service Pack 3
D is Win 7
Both are clean installs on a formatted drive
Other then Firefox and ESAT anti virus, nothing else is on either drive.

When I booted up into Win 7this morning it said got the device drivers for the the 500BG WD drive automatically.

whats funny is that right now, I'm on the XP partition and every thing is fine, so I guess the problem is on the WIn7 side with the harddrive.

Some have mentioned loading raid drivers etc........ Cant I just run a single hard drive and my dvd player?
I installed XP from service pack 2 and hit f-6 and it installed something.......

I'm gonna order a new updated system probably today (mb. ram.cpu and ps), but I'm courious why this wont work on the win 7 side of the hd


enjoy the day!!


MSI 865G Neo 2 PLS MS-6728
Intel P4 2.8ghz Northwood 800 FSB oc to 238 3.3ghz
Artic Cooling Super Silent HS/Fan
ATI X850 Pro
4GB (2x512) Crucial PC3200 DDR Ram (no mods)
Liteon DVD +/- RW SOHW-1633S
Antec Sonata Box w/380W PS (True380S)
+5V 35A, +12V 18A, +3.3V 28A, -5V.5A, -12V 1.0A, -5V 2.0A
Western Digital 80Gb HD
Windows 7 (Beta)
Win XP Home SP3

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