Error in installing windows 7, installer cant detect hard disk

I messed up whilst installing windows 7 over older windows 7 drive. I formatted the windows 7 drive and again tried to deleted that partition, but that deletion process took around 10-15 minutes, so restarted my system. Now i cannot install any of the windows os or even linux :(. Please anybody help me out to solve this problem.


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It may depend on how you formatted etc. Windows should be able to re-format your drive, in whatever form the drive is, but it may not be that easy. Sorry to say, you probably blew it. BIG SURPRISE: guess how many times I blew it? :redface:

After dozens of tries, I've started to consequently use gParted, you can get it from GParted -- Download. It works fine, BUT if you have any possibilities to safe copy your files, do it.

Burn the disc, boot from it, it should work nicely. Delete any partitions, create new ones, run everything, and jump to Windows installation.

And bark at me, if necessary. :cool:

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