Error Message 0x000000024 BSOD

Hello -

Looking for some support. Within the past four hours, I have gotten the Error Message 0x000000024 (9) times. Have tried all the troubleshooting - tried to run virus scan - system crashes - tried to uninstall graphic drivers (nvidia GeForce 7900) - system crashes. I'm finally onto booting from the system disk, but not finding that it is working.

Each time the system crashes I am able to get to the F8 prompt and can start in all three recovery modes, but once I'm back to the normal desk top, within minutes I will get the BSOD again.

Should I do a complete system install? Is it my hard drive? Or maybe my anti-virus software?


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If I understand your post correctly and you CAN boot into safemode and or safemode with networking then perhaps using this step by step clean boot process might help you find the problem. If you computer seems to run without issue in safe mode that would suggest that a third party program and or service is starting at boot time and causing the problem take a look at this article and see if you can work through it How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

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