Error Message 0x8004231F - But I have enough memory allocated


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Hi there.
I have an Asus G50VT-X1 I bought off of craigslist with a clean install of win 7 enterprise 64bit. Ive hadd it for about a month. It wont let me create a system restore point AT ALL which concerns me. It says i have insufficient storage space and I have run the applicable vssadmin command to correct this but I allocated 50gbs and It doesnt work...
I have run extensive virus scans with AVG, Malwarebytes, Win Defender. Also I have done reg repair etc, and Im fairly sure its not a virus issue.
Also, Ive also been having problems with my custom settings...
Whenever I restart my computer, settings such as desktop layout, taskbar items, etc, reset themselves. Also any changes AVG has made with its reg repair and cleanup are undone. I can still use the computer and data isnt fully reverted. My video game saves remain as they were and my files arent deleted, however this is getting extremely annoying...

Any help with either or both problems would be greatly appreciated thanks.