Error on bootup, Desktop Freezes - Need help

Hi, I am having serious problems with my PC at the moment.

It started a couple of days ago when an error appears on one of my hard drives (second drive) during bootup, but after the first encounter I logged into windows fine and thought nothing of it. A while after my desktop froze and I was unable to do anything so I restarted. The error was still there but I logged into windows fine again, but the desktop froze instantly after I clicked anything and this continued. Now I can only just reach the login screen and it will freeze there.

I have been into safe mode and tried various scans. I have ran CCleaner which did not solve the problem, Norton360 fails to do any scan at all and I also used MalwareBytes to scan for malware. During the malware scan it found around 8 infections, but when it started scanning a certain area on my main drive inside the windows folder the desktop froze. The exact same thing has happened on two occasions.

Safe mode now seems to freeze after a short while, including on the login screen and it seems I am running out of options. I want to make formatting my hard drives a last resort as I have important files that I do not want to lose.

I have also physically opened my desktop, cleaned for dust and reconnected both hard drives to try and solve the error but to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


PS. I have attached a picture of the error that comes up on bootup.



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Have you tried disconnecting the second drive? If a drive goes bad, it may cause problems with your system.

Are you running a raid?

I have tried disconnecting the second hard drive but it fails to boot up at all. I believe I am running a RAID but I haven't got a good knowledge of how it works.


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If you are running a RAID, disconnecting the second drive would mess things up. But you should be aware of your drive configuration if you are running a RAID.

I would suggest you make a backup of your data and possibly create a backup image. If you do have a virus, of course you could not re-image from this backup.

You might drop into the security forum to see if they can help. But if you are having drive problems, perhaps some data is being corrupted.

After finding and running a diagnostic CD it looks like my second drive is starting to fail.

Managed to fix the problem though by creating a new RAID1 volume with just the first hard drive on its own and by turning off the second Hard drive in the BIOS screen and that seems to have done the job. Only problem was I lost all files and only got half as much space as I had before but at least its working now. I will probably go out and buy another internal hard drive to replace the failing one.


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