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Any oe can help me, i am using windows 7 professional original. from last one week my desktop icons shows error symbol on the folders and text documents.
i think its a utf encoding problem.
How to resolve this problem.

my error image tagged with this post see it and tell me how to resolve this.



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I'm pretty sure this has something to do with McAfee antivirus software.

If you have McAfee try uninstalling it, restart your computer and install it again.
When you re-install make sure you don't select Online Backup, unless you are using it.

Better yet don't install it, and use Microsoft Security Essentials instead.

I think you will find that your computer will run better.



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And if it's not McAfee , it's probably something to do with Norton 360. Indicator of it's backup system. For Norton, Read McAfee and follow Mikes advice above!

Seriously though, it's most likely an AV issue.

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Any time you plan on uninstalling AV software go to maker's site and look for the uninstall/cleanup tool. AV programs have a nasty habit of leaving troublesome things behind.
When I using it ,it always come aross some error images,why?Link Removed - Invalid URL
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