Error Sound in windows 7 doesn't work anymore

This is the first post for me here though I used the forum many times to solve or tweak settings in windows 7 so thanks guys !!
my problem is that when some error happens the exclamation sound should fire, this is what used to be until suddenly it doesn't work anymore :(
I tried to see the default beep and asterisk and exclamation sounds in the sound dialog box but they all work fine when i press the play button.
also i tried sfc / scannow and nothing changed !!!
Plz help guys I can't figure it out at all !!:(

OK It might look odd to u that I request the error sound be back but I do need it as I'm developing a software that is supposed to give error sounds when some input is wrong.
The thing is when I test it in windows XP there is an error sound that I didn't specify in my code so I need error sounds back so that I could locate the code responsible for this !!!! :(


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Hello,. what is the exact make and model of your sound card?

Could you please fill in your computer specs in the UserCP link at the top left hand side of the page.

Then click Edit Your Details.

This freeware program will give you all the information you will need:

SIV (System Information Viewer) 4.03

Thanks for replying I added my system specifications
I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 with windows 7 build 7600 installed and a RAM of 4GB

SIV reports that my Audio device is IDT 92HD71 but is think it has nothing to do with the driver because all sounds all OK (log in , log out , videos, MP3 ) everything is working even the sound is played when i test it the Sounds window I tried to change the sound scheme but still in vein !!!???
and this is full MB specification reported by SIV:

SMBios V2.4 DMI V2.4 Count 44 Size 1971 Description BIOS Phoenix Unknown

BIOS A12 Date: 09/23/2009 [ Options 1 ] Dell Inc. ROM Base 0xF000 Size 16MB
System Inspiron 1545 Dell Inc. Serial 5PR1BH1

Board 0G848F .5PR1BH1.CN7016695C041X. Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
Chassis sOlOnXPL 5PR1BH1 Dell Inc.
CPU-0 Microprocessor Intel 3.3 volts Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU None Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU 2.20GHz Max 2.20GHz Ext 200MHz Cores 2 Threads 2
L1 Cache Cur: 128KB Max: 128KB Write Back 4-Way Set-Associative
L2 Cache Cur: 2MB Max: 2MB Address Speed 15ns
Port USB USB External Access Bus (USB)
Port MONITOR Video External DB-15 female
Port Ethernet Network External RJ-45
Slot PCIE Slot 0 ID 0 x1 PCI Express Slot ID 0 Available
Slot PCIE Slot 1 ID 10 x1 PCI Express | 0 - 10 - 0 | Available
Onboard 1 [Y]Video Device 1 Intel GM45 Graphics
Onboard 1 [Y]Sound Device 1 IDT 92HD71
Strings 3 String 1 Dell System
... 2 5[0003]
... 3 13[PP41L]
Active Language en|US|iso8859-1 Available 1
Memory on Motherboard System Memory Handle 0xFFFE Maximum capacity 8.00GB, 2 devices with No correction
Memory DIMM_A Size 2.00GB Bits 64 DDR RAM DIMM Speed 800MHz Man 7F98000000000000 Ser 6B16-CCA8 Tag 000917
Memory DIMM_B Size 2.00GB Bits 64 DDR RAM DIMM Speed 800MHz Man 7F98000000000000 Ser 6AB8-CCAA Tag 000917
Built-in Pointer Touch Pad Buttons 2 Interface Bus Mouse
Battery DELL Y823G94 SMP Sys. Battery Bay 1.0
Cooling Device 0 RPM Status OK Type Fan Handle ID 0xFFFF
Temperature Probe Status OK Location Processor Minimum 0.0°C Maximum 127.0°C Description CPU Internal Temperature
System Boot Length 1 00


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You don't mention if you have looked in the sound confiuration in the Control panel?
In my Windows 7 installation(s), for some reason there is not a sound allocated for the "error". A simple browse down the drop down menu in the sound configuration, shows a sound there which, when I allocate it, attaches the sound (or any other I select)?

Well, I did look into the sound configuration and all seems to be set,
Asterisk, Default beep , Exclamation, Question, Program Error
all have sounds assigned to them and play when you press the play button
which makes it a windows problem not drivers problem
i also tried to check the event - sound bindings in the registry
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents which have subkeys representing events listed above with path to the .wav files and again all set fine and i browsed to the sound files and played them at the sub directories and all is OK SO WHY AREN"T THEY PLAYED WHEN AN EXCLAMATION OR ERROR OCCURS !!!
even programatically in C# when calling SystemSounds.Exclamation.Play(); nothing happens !!
PS: when inserting or removing USB devices insertion/ removal sounds are played correctly !!??


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Could you please insert all your specs in the UserCP.

thank you

Did you try the downloads I suggested

OK your links are for the Display drivers not the sound and I have updated my display drivers recently ( dates to 30/10/2009)
I'm going to put full specs in UserCP now .

Still u consider it as a drivers problem which I doubt because ALL OTHER SOUNDS ARE FINE AND ALL VIDEOS AND MP3 ARE OK.
After further search I found in TuneUp utilities 2010 (System control) an option that disables error sounds.
I traced it and found that it changes a key in registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Sound
which have two keys
Beep and ExtendedSounds
I tried to change them to yes but still nothing !!!????!!!???
I tried the same key in Windows XP and it did work ( when value changed to NO it stops error sounds and it comes back when changed to yes) but in my windows NOTHING HAPPENS !!!??
This is driving me Nuts ??


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Sorry,. but it';s just so bizarre,. I'm running out of options.

Let me check my registry keys an compare then to yours.


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Ope Regedit and export the AppEvents key and I ac upload mine,. unzip it and compare the two.

Or you could just export yours as a backup and use mine to merge into your registry.

It's up yo you.

Unfortunately It didn't do. I'm very Upset I've searched everywhere in windows registry and in Group policy editor and no clue I have Kaspersky 2010 installed can it be the problem as I remember that I removed USB autorun feature then when I tried to put it back Nothing happened which might mean that something prevents windows from responding to changes in registry !!!
Did any one experience a problem like that ??

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