Windows 7 Error Upgrading to Windows 7


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May 9, 2009
Every time i try to upgrade to windows 7, at the very end of the installion on the last stage i keep getting the message "Setup can't continue. Your computer will now restart, and your previous version of Windows will be restored.

I get this same issue on the last step. It goes to about 70% complete on the last step. However, I did find it neat that it restored Vista back to it's original state. I was upgrading from Vista 64 SP1.

If you have just upgraded the system, it would be well worth the time to do a complete "clean" re-install

when you upgrade any operating system, there are hundreds of useless files left behind and these files may be causing your problems.

Otherwise you may be posting here so many times, that the re-install would be quicker:)

I just wish the error would give more details, instead of some generic error. I am going the upgrade again, but I am going to remove Daemon Tools.

I heard that Daemon Tools does not work well under Windows 7 and causes problems.

It's good that you are going to uninstall it.

It's listed in a thred tha is something like "What programs do not work with Windows 7"