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Ok so I go online and order windows vista ultimate 64. I download it which takes forever (over 3 gigs) using the Digital Locker Assistant. I did this from my machine at work which is currently running Windows Vista Ultimate (the 32 bit version). After downloading it, I chose to backup to CD. Everything is fine so far. While at work, I am able to click on the exe file with no problem and it startes to install.

Now here's where it gets fun. I bought this for my PC I just built. I installed Windows XP and decided I wanted the 64 bit vista. I bring the cd home and attempt to run it and get the following error message.
"This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem."

So, I downloaded it regular through internet explorer. 3 files with one exe. I excute the exe and get the same message. I have downloaded this multiple times, and multiple ways and always the same message. What am I doing wrong.

And yes I have a 64 bit processor.

Asus P5N-D Motherboard
BFG GeForce GT OC video card
4 megs of ram
Intel Core 2 Duo 3.16 Processor

I have googled like crazy and found nothing on this. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks Willie



OK so I managed to get past that but updating some of my drivers including .net drivers. Now a new error message.

Windows Vista Setup Preparation cannot find one of its required files. Please ensure that VistaSetupPrep.exe, boot.wim and install.wim were downloaded to the same folder.

Return to your digital locker for product support. View Purchase History and click on the support link for Windows Vista.

See for more information.


Hey man, Maybe your problem is that you might not have a 64bit system. If you still do. Try to install x86

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