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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by roselace, Oct 11, 2011.

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    Ever since I've reformatted my laptop, it's not able to detect or connect my printer. And I really need to use my printer now.

    These are the errors I get:



    I went to the HP site to download the latest driver for my printer model, but on this page it says:

    HP PSC 1200 All-in-One Printer series - HP Printer Install Wizard for Windows 7 - HP Business Support Center

    "The drivers for your HP product are already included in the new Windows 7 operating system! You do not need to download drivers to use the product . Simply connect the printer to your computer with a USB cable, and Windows Update automatically installs the driver for your product."

    The thing is Windows Update doesn't automatically install the driver for me. :confused:

    I've already tried using diagnostic tool and it didn't help.
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    There is a link on the page you linked to to contact hp for assistance. I would have thought that the best way to go having tried what you have.
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    Since the install talks about having to go online to get a driver, make sure your internet connection is working and not blocked by an anti-virus type program. I suppose an anti-virus could also effect the actual install.

    Try changing ports for the USB.

    Do your USB ports work normally for other devices? Any yellow symbols next to them in Device Manager?

    When you load a driver, if you go to the page where the different possible drivers are listed, make sure you click on an Update Windows button if there is one.

    This link at HP is for a failed driver install. Maybe it will help if you haven't tried it already.

    Windows 7 Update Failed to Install the Driver HP PSC 1200 All-in-One Printer - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

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