Windows 7 Error with nero, help


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well, i tried to install nero 7 premium on my windows 7. and in the middle of instalation, instalation has stoped.
This is error ImageShack - Image Hosting :: nerox.jpg
Now i'm trying to remove program from add or remove programs, but there is allways error :mad:
can anyone help me? tell me how to remove this program, thanks

p.s. sry for my english, i'm from croatia :D
Should work OK (so long as it's a proper copy and not a corrupted image from a Torrent).

Try re-installing it again after a re-boot but select Run as Administrator.
i tried that before, and the same thing happenes.
is there any program for removing programs or something like that?
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Besides using the Windows built in "Add/Remove Programs" feature (found in Control Panel) there's also a nice little app that I've been using for years now, it always gets the job done.. and yes it is free and very lightweight..

The app I speak of is called 'RegCleaner'.. It's always worked very well for me, and it will allow you to uninstall apps that don't actually have uninstallers with them.. :) You can get it from here:

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Once you have it installed there's a tab called "Uninstall".. which speaks for itself.. that should remove nero 7 completely.. there's also a tab that displays all the registry entries.. that one I wouldn't mess around with unless you know what your doing.. ;) If your comfortable enough to remove an entry all you have to do is click the entry you want to remove then click on "remove selected entries" and the app does the rest.. (I only do that if the uninstallation process doesn't completely remove everything though.. I have been using this app on all builds of Win 7 since 6801 so I can confirm it does work with Win 7.. :)

That would be my suggestion besides doing it through control panel, then add/remove programs...
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and same thing happened. this program RegCleaner is doing same thing as add or remove program, they both open nero's uninstal, in which is error. I need program, where i can simply delete softwere, in this example nero 7. i tried install nero 8 throught nero 7, but i can't.
thanks anyway!
Hmmm.. sorry that didn't help.. I'll keep looking and see if I can find something that will help ya out.. ;) I'll report back if I find anything..
you can perform a "manual uninstall". just open regedit and delete all "nero" and "ahead" folders from the following:

then delete startup entries for nero from:

then navigate to C:\Program Files\ and/or C:\Program Files X86\ and delete all nero-related folders.

i did that on my nero 7 essentials since it cannot burn dvd's for some reason, though there were cases where nero 7 works fine...
Download this free tool, speciically for your problem,. Select remove all in the options.
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Install it in Vista compatibility mode.
I too have some problems with Nero 7 Everything seems to work properly except for Showtime 3 and Recode 2.

Showtime 3 will not play DVD's on HD folder or disk. "Internal Error. Cannot Build Graph. The application may be installed incorrectly." I've googled this for hours and forum posts date back to '05 on this but I have yet to find a solution for it. Windows Media Player 11 works just fine so it shoulden't be a Mpeg-2 codec problem.

Recode 2 functions properly however results are not. I recoded a couple of my dvd's to nero digital. I ended up with a file that loopes the same movie scene when I atttempt playback. Playback is the same on hand held devices (ipod)

I'm not a computer 'expert' but I do consider myself above avarage. I usually fix my own problems without too much difficulty. I have tried running compatibility , re-installed and even checked codecs. Everything seems to be normal and installed correctly. Any suggestions? thanks in advance,

- Koby
To uninstall

I also had errors during the install of Nero 7 ultimate edition. Unistall is a no go even after telling the setup to run as admin and in xp sp3 mode. To get rid of it completely and even from the installed app list type regedit in the search box. when regedit loads use cntrl + F to bring up your find box and type nero and hit enter. Delete every key "folder with nero in the description" and only delete the subkey "information on the right" if there are other applications listed there as this may be a windows key that binds to the nero application as well as others. Once you completely get through the registry by cntrl + F, enter, delete & repeat ..... reboot. Done :) My operating system is now stable again and no annoying broken listing in the app menu.

Take care