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I just bought a new headset that should work by plugging it in. It as one cable for audio and one for the mic. Well ill plug the audio in, and can hear, but as soon as i plug the mic in it gives me a message saying I unplugged the audio device. The only way i can make it work is by plugging the computer speakers in, at which point itll ignore them instead of the mics headset. And then when i put movies on, ill hear the like back ground noise, but none of the major noise like them talking or anything. Is there anyway to reset the sound settings to default?

I messed with a program called Virtual Audio Cable a couple months back to try and make a ventrilo music player but could never get it to work and never reversed the steps i took, and i uninstalled it and still having the issue But it shouldnt be the issue because the program is only effective when its on. And the whole time im using my computer its constantly "You have plugged in an audio device" "You have unplugged an audio device".

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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Is this a desktop or a laptop? If it is a desktop, have you checked to make sure the plugs are for what you think they are?

You might right click the speaker icon, then open the recording devices and check you recording and playback devices.

If you think you need to post a picture, use the snipping tool then attach it using the paperclip.

Do you show any other mixers beside Windows?


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The ventrillio is still installed. If you are not and will not use it, why not uninstall?

All I can suggest is go through all settings and the configure and properties buttons on the Sound panel. The Realtek mixer looks OK but going through all of those settings might find something.

I am not on my Realtek computer, so I can't check it to make sure about whether it gives actual plug usages. But if you use the Windows Sound panel, it should show exactly which plugs do what. If you are using the front ones, the inputs may be different if the rear mic input is enabled rather than the front.

Because I use it all the time.

I've gone all through the control panel, ive checked all the settings, there is nothing that stands out. Is there a way just to restore the default sound settings?


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In Control Panel, there are troubleshooters. Maybe one of the audio ones would find the problem.

The only way I might think of restoring defaults, since I do not see a defaults button, is to use Device Manager to uninstall the devices and let Windows find them again. I have never tried this for such a situation, but I have no other ideas.

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