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I am trying to save a video clip to an external hard drive. The drive already has plenty of files on it and plenty of room left. This is an intermittent problem, as other files from this project have been happily saved to this drive. The clip in question saves to the C: drive with no problem. There is no Internet or downloading involved with any of this.

I have seen published solutions to this error suggesting removal of colons from the file name (there are no colons in this file name) and to use a registry cleaner (someone is trying to sell a registry cleaner). Obviously nonsense. Can anyone suggest a solution to this very annoying problem. BTW, rebooting the computer sometimes fixes it.


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You can try updating the firmware to the drive, the motherboard bios, and then install the latest chipset drivers.

Thanks TorrentG,

Unfortunately I don't understand what any of that means.

To update the drive's firmware, visit the manufacturer's site for the latest update and it should also provide instructions.

The same applies for updating the motherboard bios.

And also at the motherboard manufacturer's site will be a chipset driver package. Download and install that.

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