Errors and hiccups


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Since running a recommended registry cleaner program
I have experienced numerous problems.

It has been suggested I restore the registry to the
factory backup in the SAMbox(?)

I hope that is right.

I realise that I will lose programs but that is not a
problem - they can be re-installed later.

This method has been recommended as the easiest
answer to this problem as I do not possess a disc
for my factory installed Windows 7

I really hope you have the answer for me,



Hi and welcome.

In the future, stick with Ccleaner only for the registry. I don't know what you used, but Ccleaner with never give you any problems.

You probably have a recovery partition on the machine. Investigate the procedure for your exact model on how to restore the machine to factory state using this partition.

It's only a few simple steps byt most OEMs are different in the procedure.


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Running sfc /scannow should restore your system to its default. Then you may have to repair / re-install some software programs. that would be easier than going straight for the re-install.


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Many thanks for your response.

I bought a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 7 Home and
then upgraded to Pro. I can restore back to factory
condition but... would then lose all personally created files.

I want to avoid this step.

Maybe knowing the above will assist you in helping me.

I did try running sfc /scannow but nothing happened.


You have to make sure you're running that command with administrator privileges; it's what known as the elevated command prompt.

Right click on the command prompt shortcut in the start menu and choose to run as administrator. Then type the command and press enter.

It is not very likely to fix the issue though. You'll need to do a restore most likely, still.


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OK I am happy to do that but... how do I restore without losing
MY files?

Take the hard drive out and attach it to a working machine.

Copy/paste to another drive the stuff you want to keep.

Put the drive back in original machine and restore.

Or if the pc is usable in some capacity still right now, burn DVDs, copy to a network drive or use Flash sticks to copy to without removing the disk...whatever ya want.


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No go I'm afraid - no extra machines here.

You have no installation Windows 7 DVD, and no other machines. That really only leaves the other many options I've said.

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