Errors and urls not working

Hello, when I click on a url 90% of the time it doesnt work and the url that appears in the main address area has double click in the address. I have to cut and paste the url for it to work.Also when i do access a page the majority of time I have "done with errors" or something like that
at the bottom of the left hand corner. Any help or advice as to why? Thanks


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Hello and welcome to the Windows7forums.

Do you receive any error message when you double-click the URL?

You do mean double-click, correct?

I myself do encounter the Done with Errors message, but the web page completely loads.

Is yours loading completely?

Hi Reg and thankyou.
No when I click on a URL it comes up with loads of additional info however always includes click-ad or something like that. Also when i swith off multiple micrsosft otlooks are open and I have to force cleardown. Think I have a problem :(


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Could you post a screenshot of this "click-ad: information?

Have you performed a complete virus scan on the entire computer?


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What version of IE are you using?
Have you tried to see if the problem exists with other browsers like Firefox Mozilla?
Have you run Adware\Spyware software? (Recommended)
Some have reported that this got fixed after upgrading the IE version.
If you have IE8, you can use Microsoft's solution:
Internet Explorer 8 not Displaying Pages or Opening Links - TechNet Articles - Home - TechNet Wiki

You can try this:
Hyperlinks Not Working in Internet Explorer – Pc Windows Tips


I am using IE 8. I can't post a screen shot as it doesn't come up with any page to display, however as an example I clicked on a url that should have taken me to the marriot website and the url directed me to the following :

I haven't tried another browser however I will try ang get back to you. I do run regular scans with anti virus (kaspersky).


no maybe this was a poor example however this happens all the time even on google chrome.

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