Errors in C drive, Chkdsk on startup terminates abnormally on Win 7. Any Kind souls pls help!

Hi all. :eek:

I'm facing some problems with my C drive.
Errors were said to be found in C drive during Error checking. However, I could not auto fix system errors when C drive is in use. Thus I've assigned a chkdsk upon start up. Here's the catch, the Chkdsk appeared for a sec and was automatically terminated abnormally by the system itself.
I've tried to system restore, but was prompted that there's error, so I can't restore the system.
I didn't have much knowledge regarding the backing up of the system, thus i did not create any backup entries.
I'm using Lenovo Win7 Laptop, 64 bit.

How can I resolve this problem? Anyone experience the similar encounter? :(


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Do you have any reason to believe the hard drive is going bad?

Do you have Install or Recovery media for Win 7 you could boot to?

Does it allow you to get into safe mode?

I don't think so. I didn't drop my laptop whatsoever.
I did not make any recovery media for me to reboot to.
Can I make it now?
Yes my laptop still allows me to go into safe mode, but safe mode still runs using C drive. so the error fixing cant proceed.

Any idea how i can tackle this problem?


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If you open Computer from the start menu and select the drive-properties, under the tools tab there is an error checking utility. Is this what you were trying to run with you got the C drive is use message?

You can download a recovery CD from Neosmart Technologies. Perhaps booting to that then run the chkdsk, but make sure which drive you are looking at. I have not tried it, so not sure if it will work that way. Maybe boot to the command window and run chkdsk from there.

I would bet that the reason your chkdsk won't run on start is a corrupt autochk.exe file. I've been constantly repairing this the past year i've had windows 7, it for no reason has a hash mismatch and goes corrupt. I've tried the hotfix but same results and even upgrading to sp1 corrupted the file. So, you'd need to repair autochk.exe to run chkdsk on start up.

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