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I have recently installed the latest upgrade which includes Windows Essentials 2011.

After rebooting I am finding that Live Mail and MSN messenger are running very slow and are completely unusable.

Is there a fix or do I have to do a restore.

Many thanks


Hey bill lills,

1 No you don't have do the first thing I seid try the sencond. Also, you could uninstall programs that you never use just make sure they are not of something inportion.
If you have systeam restore or systeam protaction set up. (same thing) You could do that type in the suerch menu after hit start systeam resore. Then click chose difforent restore point. Click the one that says upgrade of seicrey ecales.

2. Also, if you don't want to do that you type in the serch menu msconfig click setup and uncheck THE PROGRAMS THAT YOUR SURE YOU DON'T NEED AT START UP. Don't disable siritey or windows oportys syteam or framwork or any sevices. For instens you can disable offfice 2010 notepad at start up. Create an systeam restore point before this that why if you diable something you bring it back. Or better wirte down your disableing. After that restart your computer and see if it works.
Good luck let me know if need more help

3.also you could just unistall encales 2011 contral panal unstall a program surch for that and uninstall that


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Did you directly upgrade from the 2009 version?
Is so, uninstall the whole suite then reinstall it.
Run a disk cleanup and defragment as well, what are your system specs?

Welcome to :)

Dear Billslills,
I uninsted the 2009 version. Also, did disk clean up, but I didn't have to do a diskdeframent. The only upgrade I mad in the 4 years is the grapics card to some NVDiA Gfoce some number I have 1.5 GB ram, 101GB of 141GB Free
A compact proviaen about 4 years old. 2. something intell proser. I would unstall the 2009 verson first. I dose load a little slow on my computer at startup, but I ddin't see a slowdown in the amount of programs I can open though.

Many thanks to all members that replied :)

It looks like I have to uninstall the 2009 vers and then install the latest.

Ill give it a go later.



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Keep us posted :)

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