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    Ethernet Controller ??

    Hello everybody!
    I wonder if this thread should go here or under Hardware section, but Networking won, I guess :)
    So, I am here because I have a problem with my Ethernet controller!

    I just installed Windows 7 build 7000 on my pc, on a clean hard disk. I never had Vista, and my XP was damaged anyway. Well. Everything went smoothly until the time I saw the "I-can't-find-driver-for-Ethernet Controller" icon.

    My motherboard is an abit IN9-32x-Max Wifi (s775, DDR2, 680i) with 2xIntel Core 2 6600 @2,4GHz. So, I ve downloaded any driver for Vista i could find from here, into my flash stick. Still, no mater if I installed the drivers manually or searched in that specific location, Windows 7 can't recognise them. Uninstalling and re-installing the device didn't work either.

    Moreover, I have an unknown device it cannot find drivers for, along with my scanner, my webcam and my printer, but for the latter, I really don't care much. I guess I ll find something online, if I manage to get the Ethernet Controller recognised and running.

    So, any ideas, please?
    Thank you in advance!
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