ethernet controller

hey guys i recently updated to windows 7, its great but i cant seem to connect to the internet. i seem to be missing "ethernet controller", any ideas?

heres some info i used speccy

Operating system: Ms widnows 7 ultimate 32-bit

CPU: intel pentium 4 northwood 0.13um technology

motherboard: biostar group m7tdf(socket 478)

graphics:sync master 32mb radeon 7200 series

hard drives:313 gb western digital wd3200aajb-00j3a0


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More info as to your network setup might be needed. Are you going through a router, have you updated the driver for your network adapter, etc.

It appears to be an older Motherboard, are Windows 7 drivers available for the Nework adapter?

yeahp im running on a router , laptop works fine, window states i havent a network adapter installed how do i go about installing one?


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Your motherboard does not seem to show an onboard network adapter. So, what network adapter do you have installed?

it says i dont have one installed


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OK, if the motherboard doesn't have one and you have not installed a Network card or Wireless Network adapter, what are you plugging the Ethernet cable into, or what do you think can communicate with a wireless device?

the ethnernet cable is connected to my router it worked fine before i updated to windows 7
any ideas

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I'm sorry, we seem to be having a communications problem.

What does the ethernet cable plug into on your computer?

If your ethernet cable plugs into something on your computer, you need a driver for that device.

ok do you know where i can get the driver


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Maybe you best have a look through this thread again, pcboi. What is the aanswer to saltgrass' question "What does the ethernet cable plug into on your computer?"

If you do not have an ethernet card, then it is premature to be asking where to find a driver!

But. If you had an internet connection before installing Windows 7, then there must be a card in the computer.
Run the device manager, in the Control Panel, and see if anything is listed under "Network Adapters."

ooh sorry i misunderstood , nope it doesnt even show "network adapters" at all ^o)


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In device manager does anything show up as "Other" devices. May be indicated by a yellow triangle shield looking yield symbol with an exclamation mark in it?
If so expand that and see what might be listed.
Right click the device and choose properties, select the Details tab, change the drop down arrow to Hardware Ids, right click the value pane and choose select all, right click the entries that are now blue and choose copy, open notepad and paste. Save the text file as Adapters.txt, zip and attach it to your next post.

heyhey guys thanks for the support . i ended up installing the missing adapter from my manufacturers webs. strange how it was gone tho.

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