Ethernet driver

I have just updated an old PC, which was working OK, to windows 7 professional.
All seemed to go well, but I cannot contect to the internet via ethernet,
In device manager it says the ethernet drivers are missing, can anyone help Please?
thank you.


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Can you find out what the network card make and model is? You're going to need this for the driver.

To find out, check your system specifications with the manufacturer and post them here. Or, I must once again recommend using AIDA64 (shareware trial) to try to harness this information. In AIDA, go to "Network" and see if you can pull up a name of the unidentified device. If not, you need the system specifications so we can find you a driver. If its an on-board card, give us the make/model of the computer, or if self-built, the make/model of the motherboard.


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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Additionally, try this;
Open device manager and locate the problem device (probably by expanding network adapters or other devices) not sure from your OP.
When you locate it, select it then right click it and choose properties.
Select the details tab from the resultant dialog box and then
Use the drop down arrow to change "Device description" to "Hardware Ids" then
Right click in the "Value" box and choose select all then
Right click the selected values and choose copy then
Paste the results into your next post here and we'll attempt to determine what network adapter you are using.
Keeps us posted

Thanks to both of you. I will do it tomorrow and let you know, thanks again.

That AIDA64 found the Ethernet controller, it is:
ULi/ALi M5263 Fast Ethernet Controller.
I have had no luck in finding the correct drivers though.

Here is the info you asked for:

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That's kind of a tough one. Nothing really new, new out there. So,...
My option of last resort. Go here and give it a try might work for you
Microsoft Update Catalog
the top one is 64bit and the next down is 32bit. I wouldn't bother with the third.
Good luck, best wishes and you might want to invest in either an addon card (PCI) or perhaps a usb dongle, just something that a bit more current.

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