European Build Release


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Fed up with Internet Explorer??? You can get the European Build from you know who (notice the 7.E.BUILD??)



I love that Microsoft took IE out, and the people at Opera are still ****ed off.

Hey Opera, :p

I know this was due to the AntiTrust suit filed against Microsoft but if you don't purchase a new computer with bundled cr@p I don't understand how their going to install Firefox, opera, safari or anything else as they won't be able to get on the Internet...

For example say I built my own PC. I buy this new OS from MS, it doesn't have an Internet Browser.. How do i install Firefox how to install anything? I think its stupid to be honest IE should be included, people have a choice to use whatever OS they want and after a few hours of IE most people would be searching for a new browser anyways and WTF uses Opera anymore, its worse than IE 8... :p


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I have a fondness for Internet Explorer ,it works and I do not see how the other browsers , give any great advantage .

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