Event ID 4101 — Display Driver Timeout Detection and Recovery / amdkmdap

I am also dealing with this amdkmdap recovery problem. For the last 2 months.
Display driver gets recoverd - games hang - event manager windows 7 gives Event ID 4101.
Games - CCS - Crysis - Settlers 7

Tested so far:

Heat -- under the 40 degrees
Powerconsumtion PC -- below 293 watt (Sharkoon 600 Watt - 30 AMP om 12V rail)
Underclocking GPU -- errors
Overclocking GPU -- errors
Changing voltage -- errors
Numerous drivers -- errors
WIN7 32 bits -- errors (legaly of course)
WIN7 64 bits -- errors (enterprise legaly of course)
Regedit check disable -- crashes instead of errors
Memory sticks combination -- errors
Disable Aero -- is already disabled...
Interesiting site with 10 solutions!!! http://www.atikmdag.com/ - no solutions for me

Last week i got al the hardware tested by the suppliers and all was OK! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i went to get a new AMP. I had a Corsair450VX and now a Sharkoon 600Watt - 30 amp on 12V rail. Seemed to work an hour or so! And again errors!!!!! Damn what now?

Tried new ATI 10.7 64bit driver - errors
Tried update MSI bios 9 - errors


I’m stuck…

Thanks up front, Arno Mulder, Netherlands.

PS: other gamers with this problem, don't cry your not alone...:tongue:
- MSI P55-GD65
- Intel i7 860
- OCZ 3G1333LV4GK |GoldLowVoltage
- HD5750 - 1024MB - GDDR5
- Sharkoon 600 Watt – 30 AMP
- Windows 7 enterprise
- Hitachi 250Gbit harddisk (tried a older disk 80G WD also errors...)

Apuntje said:
Memory sticks combination -- errors
Are the memory modules the same brand?

Yes, it's a kit of 2 x 2G: (special for this mobo and proc)

OCZ 3G1333LV4GK 4GB KIT PC-10666 2GX2 GOLD XTC 1333MHZ

Greetz Arno

If you haven't, try setting the timings for the RAM as specified for this brand. Do not set them 'auto'.

Have you tried Catalyst 10.3?

Run Driver Sweeper after uninstalling the driver to get rid of all tracks of the old driver including 'amdkmdap'. Yet I think it's a hardware issue.

Yes tried that, not auto en specified settings but it got worse and not better.
Tried 1 mem strip and the other alone... no luck.

Drive sweeped the HD many times. and reinstalled clean a time of 6.

Catalyst 10.3 why that one, cannot remember if i tried that.

Will trie...

Ty for the responses zo far.

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