Windows 8 Event Viewer Error Codes

Joe S

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Jan 12, 2009
Somebody recently posted about error codes that show in their Event Viewer. I've searched and can't find that post now. They wondered if they were the only ones seeing them. All I show in mine is Kernel PnP 219(212). I thinks it has to do with USB drivers. The remove hardware safely is showing now with printer and external drives all off. In W7 the Icon only appears when one of them is powered on.
Maybe you are referring to the link. I normally keep this part of the forum closed down since the primary threads are in the lower section. Check the attachment for the Schannel errors. If you are not getting them, it would be nice to know why not.

That's the one. Shortly after I posted they showed up again about the time I checked email Yahoo, Hotmail, and Lycos. They hadn't showed for most of the day today. I think I may have checked Windows Update about that time also. Don't know if that helps any. I'm on W7 now I'll try and look tomorrow when I use W8 again and see what shows.
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