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my computer started freezing today after only being on for just a second. sometimes it takes a few minutes before it freezes but it keeps freezing. its running right now more than it has just about all day and im surprised it hasnt froze yet. i got a BSOD 2-3 times but usually brush it off since it doesnt happen that often. i have also has some startup issues the past few days where windows fails to boot. sometimes if i unplug my computer while the screensaver is on the screen goes black and it locks up. i end up having to power it down with the button and restarting. im getting the following errors in event viewer just today:

system event id: 41(task cat 63), 6008, 7009, 7000

i have no idea what the error codes mean and searching hasnt brought back any good results so far. can someone help me figure this out. i can provide any info necessary just let me know what i need to provide. thanks in advance!

computer is an asus g73jh-x1 with win 7 ultimate


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BSOD is a windows way of stopping an error from spreading. May I ask you what you've downloaded recently?


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Basically Event ID 41 is a hardware error hopefully fixed by correct BIOS settings and/or updating the BIOS. If your BIOS fixed the issue then you have nothing to worry about. Please let me know if you get anymore BSOD doing the course of the day so I can help you take the proper measurements in correcting the issue.


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Would like to correct:

An event 41 is used to report that something unexpected happened that prevents Windows from shutting down correctly. Therefore, there may not always be enough information to explicitly define what happened. To determine what may have happened and to identify a potential resolution, it is important to know what the computer was doing at the time just before the event occurred. (Microsoft).

This is for a kernel event. It could be many other things too.

For further help, please refer to our forum on "How to ask for help with a BSOD":

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