Windows 7 Everquest 2 Help :X

The problem that I am currently having with Windows 7 is Everquest 2, I installed it fine logging in is fine and snappy, but when it tries to update itself, the remaining time on the download(s) goes to 300+ hours, when I was running XP, it took maybe at MAX 10 hours to downloads all the patches and what not, I have tried to run it as administrator, same problem. I have also tried to run in compatibility mode (XP SP2), same problem. I have tried to research the problem on the internet, but I can't find anyone having the same issue. I believe that the downloads just get stuck or something like that, I am running with cable internet 2mb DL. I am running the RC 1 of Windows 7.

Thank You,

Update: it seems to be stuck at "vpk_delta......"

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