Every 5min-2hrs or so, internet just stops working. Only reboot fixes it.

Above is my system specs/ZoneAlarm Specs/CMD prompt error (i think) which can also be viewed at http://02a8453.netsolhost.com

Just installed Windows 7 x64 on this: Acer Aspire - X1200-U1510A - 4 GB RAM - 2.6 GHz - 320 GB HDD

Anyways, problem is after 5+ mins, (usually within 2hrs) of turning my system on the internet on that computer will just stop working. A reboot fixes this, for another 5mins-2hrs. This also causes any internet based tools (IE8, Firefox Minefield, Filezilla, Frostwire, BitTorrent, Windows Live Mail) to crash/freeze on me. The first several days W7 was installed it worked like a charm.
It cant be an error with my modem/router, b/c my laptop is right next to this system, and works without any issues at all. It seems the problem started after "Teredo Tunneling Service" Appeared under Device Mgr>Network Adapters. I found instructions on a forum on how to disable Teredo, as well as configure my ZoneAlarm to work with IPv6, and neither of these solutions have worked for me. Through CMD, I ran /dnsflush, and ipconfig /renew, neither of these have worked, and I think theres some sort of error in CMD.

Error (I think) is below.

Media State: Media disconnected.
Connection-specific DNS Suffix: domain_not_set.invalid

Anyone have this issue/know how to fix this?


PS - I'd like to fix this W7 install if possible instead of reformatting, b/c its taken me almost a week to reconfigure my iTunes library, which, btw, was a TOTAL PAIN IN MY REAR. lol.


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First, if you are using ZoneAlarm with Microsoft Security Essentials, it used to crash my computer. You had to turn off the real time protection in MSE to keep it from happening.

Other users I have seen with your type of problem ended up tracing it back to an anti-virus/firewall/whatever type of situation. Norton has been mentioned a few times, but so had ZoneAlarm. When this type of stuff happens, it is hard to say exactly what is wrong, so all you can really do is try turning off certain things to see if it improves.

ZoneAlarm has logs, so you might check those.

Im not sure what you mean by Microsoft Security Essentials, unless you mean Windows Firewall, which I have disabled since installing ZoneAlarm. Also just so I'm clear, when I say crash, I mean just any programs that need web access to work... These programs just stop functioning, but anything else on the computer works fine. Also, Connection Troubleshooter detects no issues/errors. If you can let me know what ZoneAlarm logs to post, I'm more than happy to post them. I just want this to work like it did the first couple days W7 was installed.

Anything else you need me to provide let me know, I'll put up anything requested right away.

Thank you for your help! :)


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MSE is a microsoft download that basically is meant to take the place of many anti-virus software programs. If you have this circumstance, your computer would completely freeze. Since it is not, you obviously do not have MSE, of course you probably are running Windows Defender, which is the little brother of MSE.

As far as ZoneAlarm, make note of the time when something stops working and see if you can find any correlation between that and the ZoneAlarm logs.

This one is hard to find, but as I mentioned, check anti-virus/firewall programs to see if they might be involved. Surely, while checking, you could stay off dangerous websites for at least two hours...:cool:

Kk, just disabled Windows Defender, which I had forgotten about, and Windows Firewall is already off.

Ill keep ya posted if this is my fix.

Thanks again!:)

Ok, that didnt take too long to stop working again...

Heres my logs from ZoneAlarm:

~11:01PM EST Internet Crashed

ZoneAlarm Logs
-AntiVirus/AntiSpyware -Nothing since 4:24PM EST
-Firewall -No Alerts at all.
-OsFirewall -10:38PM EST WINDRVDIR\indis.sys Load Driver C:\Program Files (x86)\Yahoo!\Messenger\YahooMessenger.exe
-Programs Log -No Alerts at all.

Anything else you need let me know, or what to make of the above info, if anything...



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did u solve this issue. Sounds similar to one I have - client - which is yet unsolved.

do u have DSL or cable?

If DSL I would look into line noise coming in from outside wiring or some other sort of interference causing line noise.

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