Every game crashes except for League of Legends.

I recently installed windows 7 64-bit. Everything's running great except for when I play games. Certain games will for fairly long periods (hours of game play) while others will crash within an hour. The only games that I get to enjoy are League of Legends, Batman: arkham asylum, and Fable III, the last two happen to be microsoft games. Others such as, battlefield 3, FEAR, FEAR 2, metro 2033 and others always seem to crash on me. Can anyone help me out? The errors either say executable stopped working, atikmdag.sys bsod error, or IRQL not equal or less bsod errors.


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This sounds like it's video driver related, have you tried updating to the latest drivers for your video card.

Is this and ATI card?


It's an ATI card, I have the latest driver for my vid card, HD6870 catalyst v. 11.9

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Well, it seems like going to a prior version of my gpu driver actually fixed the bf3 issue. I haven't tried my others games yet to see whether or not that fixed the executable issue. Thanks a lot for the help.

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