Every time I open media centre, it freezes,

On opening windows media centre, it now freezes and I lose the mouse operation. The screensaver still works anmd I can reboot via ctr alt del. This has just started happening. I have tried system restor, removing and re-installing media centre and have now re-installed Win 7 in upgrade mode, all to no avail. your help would be appreciated


It is likely one of your videos or other media bugging it out, from being poorly encoded.

How can I check and rectify this.

Temporarily rename all of your media folder(s) to a new name(s), then try to start WMC and see how it goes.

Tried that but still the same. Click on media centre, after 2 secs, lose mouse pointer then shortly after get the start up sound of media centre then nothing.

Dont know why but is has suddenly started working OK again. Many thanks Torrentg for your prompt advice and suggestions.

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