Everything is magnified on my computer..EVERYTHING


I went to mover my computer and when I went back to work on it everything was enlarged. I tried to change the resolutions, forced shut down to start normally, looked to see if the magnify was on. It says it is at regular size, but it is huge. It extends to everything I do on the computer. Please help me asap because I go to school on this and work on it.


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The magnifier you checked was the one in Control Panel Ease of Access Centre?

Check your Zoom feature, it's the status bar and see if is set to 100%. There should be a little bar just above the task bar with Interner/portected mode:eek:n and a padlock for inprivate filtering and a magnifing glass with 100%. If the bar is not there go to tools, toolbars, and click on status bar, then reset to disired zoom, 100% being the default.

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