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I have a prolem that started about 2 weeks ago. What happens is that programs randomly start to hang and be unresponsive. I have had Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Windows Explorer, Rainmeter, Teracopy, Live Messenger, and many more programs just stop responding, usually, a few minutes before I open the program. In addition, installation of new programs tend to hang at the end, when they just become incredibly slow, where less than a minutes work turns into hours.

It seems like the installations just doesn't do anything and then after mintues does something then goes back, getting this from my Eset file activity monitor.

I was going to reformat my computer anyways so I did. I have 2 partitions and I formatted them. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate, I have updated everything, and all drivers work. The same problem persists. Things just suddenly become unresponsive.

Nothing really happened to cause it I believe, other than I uninstalled prevX which I never used anyways.I hope someone can tell me what the problem is and how to fix it. Here are my computer stats, which were tested to be Windows 7 compatible.

Laptop: Toshiba Satellite P205-S7476
HDD: 200 GB - 2 partitions
1.5 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor T5250
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

I have been using the previous install of Windows 7 for months and nothing went wrong, until now.


Oh, also I noticed, when I was installing Sims 3, when it hit a GIF file, it slowed down. I canceled that and I am trying to install it again. Same result, right when it hit the GIF in the help files, it slows down, everything else was incredibly fast. I hope you can help.


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There are quite a few reasons why this should happen. But for starters. hat have you got loading under the msconfig startup tab?
If that looks normal (I only have my antivirus loading there, almost without exception, other third party programs will start on request.)

Second, and I think likely. Your graphics card could be overheating. Does this occur immediately, or after a period of use? I read in your post that it begins to build up?? I am not familiar with Toshiba Laptops, but the way I deal with it on others, where I have had this problem, is to take the panel off the bottom of the computer and either use a compressed air bottle, or manuall clean the fan(s). If you feel competent, you can remove the copper cooling bars and refresh the cooling paste on the graphics card and, whilst you are there, the CPU.
Unlikely, but whilst in there, reseat your ram strips.

First, congrats on your 1,000 posts! I have these running:

Which is all normal.

Like, I just turned on my computer after 9 hours of school. I opened Chrome, and it was unresponsive just about 5 minutes after I turned on the computer.

A friend told me that something similar happened to him. He said it was an installed software that caused it. I have already tried all software I have installed. However, do you think an update could be the problem? I now recall, the problem started happening soon after I installed updates on my computer. When I had reinstalled windows, I installed all updates immediately, but what I might try is to reinstall windows again, but this time, install updates individually, creating a system restore point each time, then maybe I could find the cause. How does that sound?

Also, thank you so much for your reply!

Now, I can see that it is not a hardware issue. I have reinstalled it and everything seems fine. For some reason, the anti-piracy update was causing it. Thats so weird because I bought mine. I read up on it and it was supposed to restart your computer, which did not happen, so maybe it was a side effect. Anyways, hopefully any new software I install doesn't cause it to be all weird. If it does, I definitely will update this thread with it. Thanks!!!


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That's great. keep in touch.

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