EVGA video drivers will not install. error message appears

The error message that appears is "Only windows xp and windows Vista, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, are supported by this driver CD" :frown:

What gives. I was able to install Dierct X drivers and precision tools. The graphics card I am using is EVGA Geforec GTX 285 and there is no version for it (eg. SSC or Black).

I 've looked around for a topic on this and so far nothing has turned up yet. I tried looking for some drivers a patch but nothing yet. I'm still trying to get used to Windows 7 IE browser which I love so far. Installed Win 7 last night.:)

Thanks buddy but now that I have the Nvidia drivers installed, I still get the error message and I still cannot get the drivers installed. SHould I make a folder and move them manually?


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Sorry, but what do you mean by move them manually?

Well, I guess, as in literally sticking them into a folder designated for EVGA. But the funny thing is the computer recognizes the video card and even says its working properly , yet, I have not been able to load the drivers for it yet cause I keep getting the message.


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DirectX is installed by default.

What version did you install?

is the original driver CD still in the drive?

Yes the CD was still in teh CD ROM but I think I might need to switch the CD ROMs around or check the slave or master placements, when I click on the CD ROM Icon both CD and DVD ROM's eject but in "my computer" only 1 device for CD ROM shows up. Sometimes it takes a while for the CD to be read and hangs for a while and sometimes freezes the screen. Just lately when I click on the Win Media at the bottom it seems to load and take forever then when I try to cancel the process it just hangs there then my desktop dissapears and only the background is there. So far still, do not think the graphics card is doing anything cause when I browse and scroll down it is real choppy. :frown:

Do you think the 64bit installation is to blame or partly? I have an Intel Core 2 Quad 8200 and 2GB memory. Should I have installed the 32-bit?


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Please remove the CD from the drive and try the driver I suggested again.

So far nothing, now my CD ROM or my DVD drive are not showing up in the control panel. I think I have to check the way I connected them, I have both CD ROM and DVD drives on the same IDE cable but I may have the jumpers on wrong. Plus, I checkd my CPU speed with cpuz and I noticed its clocking at 1999.4 mhz, I thought it was supposed to be faster. :confused:


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Is this an older computer, so many 4 to 5 years old?

Yes, changing the junpers would be a good idea.

Nope, this will be brand new computer. I will go ahead and change the jumpers and possibly take the CD ROM off of the same IDE cable as the DVD ROM is on. i'll brb

Problem solved, thanks reghbakr, the graphics card works beautifully now with settings high on Battlefeild 2 and Armed Assualt yeeehaww!:D

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