Exactly 45s delay on pinning to taskbar, startmenu

we are testing now computer running on Windows 7 with roaming profiles.
I have problem which I couldn't find anywhere (possible bad keywords).
It's not only one computer - at least 5 new installed computers have this issue.
Problem is that whenever I want pin some shortcut from start menu (for example start->programs->ms office->ms word) to taskbar or startmenu there is big delay and explorer is freezed that time. We found out that delay is almost the same every time - 45 seconds.
Our profiles are on server - when I click on properties on that icon in start menu I can see that icon is in the right path on server \\server\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\StartMenu or for icons in taskbar \\server\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar ..I can save everything on my desktop or documents without any problems (same server) - only these two locations are not working.

Another problem which is probably connected with that delay is that there in that location for Taskbar I see different shortcuts than in real taskbar on my desk ..it is just not corresponding:( if I want manually delete those different shortcuts from that folder it says "This is no longer located in "path on server". Verify location and try again." I've tried synchronization by many time (everything seems ok), refresh everything, but nothing happened :( I just don't understand how can it be..it says it is somewhere but it doesn't reflect any changes.
Can someone help? Did anyone have this issue?
We've created new fresh accounts with clean profiles, new installations and everything).
I've read somewhere on microsoft site that this delay can be caused by enabled NetBIOS on TCP/IP - we did that but still.
Btw. sorry for my english, ask me if you don't understand..I wouldn't be suprised :)


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