Excel 2010

I have Excel 2010
I have a Diary which has 5,000+ cells(20 years) I want to do a "Find and replace" Find all the words inthe spreadsheet and change them to the font and color I want. However when I dothis and I change the color and Fonts the entire cell. At least half of mydiary is color coded so is there any way to just change one word throughout mydocument to the font and color I want without the entire cell being change.Example: I might want to change the word "work" to "Work" and if I do that every word in thecell is change to the color of red with those fonts.

On some of my cells thereis an extra space at the bottom. At the bottom of the cell there is a line withnothing in it so I do an "Auto fit row height" but still some of thecell it doesn't work on. So I have to manually go to the bottom of the cell andmade it smaller to fit. Does anyone know how to fix this?


It might be to your benefit to create a Macro. Using Macros can help automate your more commonly used edits. Recording a Macro while editing one cell will allow you to replay the macro and automate the same edit steps on other cells.

Caution, if you change cell locations while recording a macro, replaying the macro will take you back to this location. If you want to replay the Macro on different locations, you will need to pick the location for recording the Macro before you start the recording.

Once you learn how Macros work and study the code used, you can then start programing your own code. If you learn how to program your own code, you could then automate the entire process of editing your page.

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