Windows 7 Excessive processor usage


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Feb 19, 2009
Since a few days, I've notices the one of my cores is running at near 100% usage all the time (build 7068 on Thinkpad T61p). Seems to be the SearchFilterHost.exe, it uses in average 45% of processor power, according to the resource monitor.

Normal? Any suggestions?

Just wrote in another tread about RAM-usage, but found my post would fit better here:
Didn't find Superfetch in services... But found another thing that annoyed me earlier: Windows Media Player Network Sharing Serivce. I've noticed in the Resource Monitor, it uses plenty of CPU-power. Turned it off, but didn't see any significant difference in performance.

But the by far most CPU-power consuming service is the SearchFilterHost.exe, usually it uses 80-90% of the one of my cores, often maxing out on 100% usage. At the same time the other core is working on 40-60%. Has done this for weeks now. So the "normal" CPU-consumption is for the SearchFilterHost alone 47% in average (overall CPU-usage for both cores: 65-75%).

EDIT: Just found the Superfetch-service and disabled it... CPU still running on around 70%.

Solution? Don't know, maybe I shouldn't have upgradet the last time (from 7022 to 7068), but done a clean install? Wait for the RC and new clean install with that? Still don't know, whether this would do the trick - I've seen this 'phenomenon' earlier on other systems, XP as well as Vista, so maybe it's something we have to live with on certain Windows systems?

Just upgraded to 7077 - sill the same load on the processors.

Planned to attach screenshot of Resource Monitor and Taskmanager, but don't know how to... Do I have to upload the picture somewhere else and then insert the url for it? Better find out somewhere...
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Just found out about attachements... So here screenshot of Performance Monitor and Taks Manager with the relevant figures (processor- and memory usage).

As seen in the Task Manager, my Outlook uses a large amount of RAM (unless it never reaches much more than 1,5 out of 2 GB), due to the large pst-file (maybe I should clean up my inbox). But as mentioned, still plenty of reserve to take from.

Biggest problem is the SearchFilterHost.exe, using up all the power of the one CPU-core. Running on almost 100% all the time, when I suspend it, CPU Usage for both cores drop to 15-25% - significant drop, seen in the second screenshot attached.
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