Exclusion zone around stricken Japanese nuclear plant widened over fears reactor core may be cracked

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    • 130,000 more urged to relocate beyond 19 miles
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    • Two Japanese travellers arriving in China found to be contaminated
    • Almost 10,000 now dead and 17,000 feared missing
    • Russia and Australia among countries halting food imports
    • Low-level radioactive particles detected in U.S.
    Radiation fears and panic levels were rising rapidly in equal measures again after officials admitted that the nuclear reactor core at Fukushima may be cracked, raising the prospect of more poison being released into the atmosphere.

    The threat of widespread contamination is so great that the exclusion zone around the stricken plant has been widened to 19 miles.
    It is feared the containment shield around the nuclear fuel rods might have been weakened, resulting

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