I recently noticed that my laptop has slowed down. When I checked the processes in task manager, I noticed the following:

This is most unusual. What's the ,exe*32? What does it do? Is it an infection? How do I remove it? My windows7 version is 64 bit.

Malware bytes and Avast did not find any infection.
Immediate reply will be very much appreciated. Thanks.



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Relax. You don't have any problem. Those are not viruses.
Those .exe*32 entries in your task manager represent the programs they belong to.
i.e. firefox.exe*32 represents Firefox.
You have a 64-bit OS, but the programs of the entries you listed only come with 32-bit, and they do run in a 64-bit OS.

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32 bits is like a 32 lane highway, while 64 bits is like a 64 lane = can carry more traffic. Like David notes, you probably don't have a problem, with viruses or such.

You may have a problem with such common nuisance as your HDD fragged > defrag it. Or some mysterious program using CPU. Check the use of your CPU > Ctrl+Alt+Del > Task Manager, there may be someone running all too high.

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