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    Before I explain - I can not get onto the desktop of the laptop.

    So - For some reason when I try to get to the desktop, the little circle loading thing, keeps spinning, and doing nothing/Black screen - I tried repairing, no luck, so I asked someone, and he said I probably had a Trojan, and it would be better to just use a windows 7 CD and re-start.

    So When I got it onto my DVD - I started installing it, as it booted from the CD directly.

    But it gets stuck on Expanding files/Takes forever? Not sure if it's just bugged, but it stays on 0% forever.

    What could be wrong?

    What I need:
    To know what to fix
    Or if some god out there knows how to get access to my desktop. (I think finding a way to install W7 is easier?)
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