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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by Fpla, Aug 26, 2011.

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    Before I explain - I can not get onto the desktop of the laptop.

    So - For some reason when I try to get to the desktop, the little circle loading thing, keeps spinning, and doing nothing/Black screen - I tried repairing, no luck, so I asked someone, and he said I probably had a Trojan, and it would be better to just use a windows 7 CD and re-start.

    So When I got it onto my DVD - I started installing it, as it booted from the CD directly.

    But it gets stuck on Expanding files/Takes forever? Not sure if it's just bugged, but it stays on 0% forever.

    What could be wrong?

    What I need:
    To know what to fix
    Or if some god out there knows how to get access to my desktop. (I think finding a way to installW7 is easier?)
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    The person you were talking to was probably suggesting you do a Startup Repair on your system. That is done using a Repair CD or Install DVD and select "Repair your Computer". If this what you were doing, then if the white bar across the bottom stops at 0, it would seem to me it can't load the files into memory. Could also be bad media or a problem DVD drive.

    If you are talking about doing a complete install, after the black screen with the white bar, the window is up with the progress lines, it can, depending on what the install needs to do, take quite a bit of time. If it has to format a large hard drive or some other housekeeping duty, it will have to do that first. What I do is watch the drive activity light, or listen for drive activity to make sure it is still working. If it is having problems with the hard drive, or something is keeping it from loading, that could indicate a problem.

    There are some bootable anti-virus utilities you could try, just in case. Microsoft has a beta they call System Sweeper, and others probably have some also.

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