Explain Windows 7 Key Purchases. Difference from store bought?


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Explain Windows 7 Key Purchases. Difference from store bought?

I don't understand how this works. Have small business and would like to buy 3 of Windows 7 for 3 computers. These are $100+ each in stores, but can buy keys on ebay of Prof. edition for $50 each. I've always waited for Windows to be out a couple of years, then buy when cheaper (3.1; 95; 98; XP). I don't understand the new purchasing schemes with Windows 7. Can someone help me out with an explanation ?
What exactly is a key purchase...do you get the disks, or just the keys...if you just get the key, then how do you get the program...etc.?


PS. Been purchasing from ebay over 10 years, and the 2 probs. that occurred were resolved in my favor by Paypal. I'm not worried about ebay.

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Well, I would be worried about e-bay!!!

You can buy the family install or something like that for 3 computers, you might look into that. I have no idea how much Microsoft charges for additional keys so you would need to speak directly to them.

Are their keys coded for certain types of sales, like academic versions, I do not know.

By buying a key you get an legitimate Windows 7 product Key you should also receive a link to download the version of Win7 that you just purchased the key for normally buying a key assumes you already have an DVD otherwise you'd purchase an Retail copy of Win7 starter/home/pro/enterprise/ultimate

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Sounds like a ripoff on Ebay just buying keys. People sell freeware on Ebay to those dumb enoughto buy it. If it was a new sealed set that woyld be different if the seller has a good history.

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