Explorer.exe - How to Fix It, Short of a Complete Reinstall

Hi everyone,

I've been using Windows 7 Professional on a precarious condition lately. I can't pinpoint why or what's causing it, but I know Explorer.exe is malfunctioning: I don't get a BSOD (fortunately, perhaps) but the system hangs.

As whenever that happens, Windows 7 itself suggests "checking for a solution" (which it never does, as best as I can see) and "restarting the program", I've come to understand that a mere restart of the Explorer.exe solves most issues, which has become my default approach to temporarily solving issues, thanks to Process Hacker 2 (BLESSED BE ITS CREATORS!).

However, this is not the best solution because I'm not being able to address why Explorer hangs, in the first place. More often than not, it hangs when saving files: whether I'm saving a RTF document, a Video downloaded from video-sharing sites, or even saving a picture from some website, Explorer has a 50-50 chance of going bonkers.

Therefore, I would conclude that it might be some of its Shell Extensions or similar subroutines. I deactivated the Windows Indexing service while trying to solve this, but it still persists; however, I've not reactivated it.

For the majority of daily operations, this is a hassle that I can get by somewhat but it has been consistently interfering with DVD-Burning operations which is part of my work that I've had to postpone -- and I'll be hitting deadlines in the middle of this year which demands me to solve this.

I would appreciate very much if people could pool in ideas on how to fix this: from my research, it seems that many users on the Web have been suffering from the same situation, with Explorer stopping to respond during save operations.


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I would start by running SFC /scannow...

From the elevated Prompt Right click on the Prompt Icon and select run as administrator.

Then type…

SFC /scannow

This scans and restores system files.

Try running in Safe Mode for a while and see if the problem persists.

Check out this page at Microsoft help...

Windows Explorer hangs on Win 7 64 bit - Microsoft Answers

And this one...

Windows 7 64bit Ultimate - Explorer.exe Freeze (AppCrash) - Microsoft Answers

If none of these help, come back and we'll go from there.
Someone here will have an answer.


Long story short. Explorer.exe imploded spontaneously. Had to reinstall systems from scratch.
That's why I've been off the radar here for awhile back.


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Your second link on this post shows a cmd by Erwin that ends in /v MachineThrottling/f What does the v and f do?
When I drill down the register, at the key DisabledSessions it only shows a hex value, nothing about MachineThrottling.



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All I can tell you is that when used in commands like CHKDSK /f it means to fix errors or optimise disk something like that.
But I really don't know if that's what it does in this case.

And I don't have any idea what /v does.


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