explorer.exe loop issue


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I have a big issue with explorer.exe on my win7 pc. Whenever it loads the desktop, explorer.exe bugs (a window appears "windows tries to find a solution) then it restarts explore.exe but it bugs again and the same message appear again. I have to shut down the processus manually to stop this loop.

It first starts after I download a movie with utorrent (I checked the file and the comment on this movie. No one seems to have the same issue) but it might be the problem.

So if its the problem, how do i delete a file without explorer.exe ?

I also check with s&d, malware, antivirus. It didnt detect anything.

Thanks for your help

edit : issue solved. It was the movie. I deleted it with cmd. It seems the codec of the movie was the issue.
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windows explorer has stopped working where ever i put my torrent downloads for instance iv been downloading music in my downloads folder in the start tab it was fine for a while then bam windows explorer has stopped working then windows explorer is restarting iv tried all different types of spyware and nothing I ended up moving my download destination to my external hard drive worked fine for a while also then bam does it again it does it where ever i put my downloads so now im stuck with just the ie working fine at least I can try get this sorted online o and iv ran sfc/scannow found some corrupt files but didn't fix my issue disabled 3rd party in msconfig that didn't fix it either