Explorer.exe using excessive resources?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by jst07, Oct 27, 2006.

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    Vista RC1 5600
    P4 2.8C (@3.43GHz)
    1GB DDR memory

    First of all, I know Vista doesnt take lightly on the amount of resource usage, but the way explorer.exe uses resources has shown up oddly, and I was wondering if anyone has pin-pointed it to a certain task or service yet that could be changed/disabled to fix this. Is what explorer.exe is doing for me, is sometimes it seems to get caught up in using 90%+ of my CPU and usually 50+MB memory (I've noticed it above and beyond 100MB before), but its not really doing anything, and usually ends up crashing. I shut of Windows Search (indexing), ReadyBoost, and Superfetch just to eliminate them (as well as having some other services shut down prior to the problems). Has anyone made any adjustments to fix this problem, or anyone even have this problem?

    Also I have another question. Security is great, but I would rather be my own security rather than having Vista up my ass for every movement of the mouse or stroke of the key. I tried to just shut down all the services but then it just jumps me more for being insecure, how have any of you configured your Windows security so its not so strict about my usage?
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    Depends on what type of security you are talking about. I am sure there is a way to disable Windows Defender and the firewall. On my Windows XP machine I am using NOD32 and Windows Firewall... I haven't had a virus in years.
  3. Hello,

    I have same problem and explorer.exe even uses up to 500MB of memory. The worst thing is that I cannot stop it ("End This Process"), so I need to wait that it ends itself down (it takes from 5-10 minutes). Thereafter I can use PC again.

    Take care
  4. I have the exact same problem in x64 vista

    I have the same problem and I am POSITIVE it is not a virus.

    I know for a while my fingerprint scanner and software was causing it to come out of standby mode, but now that I have fixed that problem, the explorer.exe problem sitll remains.

    It will go to the maximum of both cores if ANY explorer window is open (except the desktop itself) for too long (30 minutes is more than enough).

    My memory use though always stays at around half of the 2GB though. (for all of the processes, not just explorer.exe)

    I hope someone fixes this soon, it is really beginning to hack me off!
  5. I have the same problem. It really sucks
  6. I am afraid this does happen in Windows Vista!

    Suddenly my Vista computer had a very bad performance and everything started to work
    very slowly, especially windows mail.

    The Task manager showed that CPU was constantly at 50% - 80% even if I was
    not doing anything and let the computer untouched for a few hours.

    Most of the CPU time was taken by explorer.exe.

    After trying many things and struggeling with this issue for many many hours,
    I slowly got some idea.

    Appearently something under water goes wrong with your user profile and the search
    index settings of the files in your USER folder. Vista tries to index stuff in this folder
    and gets completely crazy. It keeps on trying and trying and eating up most of
    your CPU time (explorer.exe).

    The only lasting working solution, I found was to make a completely new User Account.
    After making the new User Account, you can only copy a limited number of stuff
    from your original User Account. Some stuff when copied to your new User Account
    will again make your new User Account go crazy.

    Also, I turned off the search indexing for the new User Account, including all subfolders.

    Here is what I did:


    * Backup your original User Account, Mails and any other critical files.

    * Make a new user and make an extra help account (for example called: admin with Administrator rights).

    * Make sure that the search indexing for the new User folder is TURNED OFF
    (via properties of the folder -> Advanced)

    * Manually and carefully only copy back stuff you really need.

    * Use Command line with Administrator rights to copy User stuff step by step.
    The moment you see the CPU getting crazy again, delete the last User stuffs you just copied.

    To restore your e-mails:

    1 - copy the e-mail folder to another partition in folder mail2 (for example: f:/mail2).
    2 - in the new user login, set the archive folder of Windows mail to f:/mail.
    3 - delete f:/mail and rename f:/mail2 to f:/mail (BE CAREFULL! make sure you have a backup).

    It's quite a headacke, but it will bring down your CPU to 2% - 10% when you are idle.
  7. Excessive cpu useage,
    desktop does not display
    I turn off explorer.exe
    but then have limited access to pc files.

    turning it on freezes pc no response from clicks.

    How do I turn off MS new indexing service tried,
    killing process but doesn't allow the indesxing to be turned off.
    Dual, 2 g,
    MS really sucks, you can send them an email about it for $59
  8. same here

    end process explorer.exe then start new task explorer.exe..

    repeat till this fkin thing get sorted out.

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