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  1. Hi,

    I am having an issue with starting IE on vista.
    Up to a few weeks back IE started up when you clicked on it. Now however i can only start IE by choosing "run as administrator". Why has this suddenly become the case?

    Two points off that:
    1. i am the machine administrator so i can do this, but as far as i know by running in this mode, you are turning off some of the built in system protections, which can't be good?
    2. other users of the maching who do not have admin accounts cannot, without getting the admin password, surf the net. apart from the previous concern, this would seem to defeat the purpose of an admin user? if for example kids have the admin password they can turn off parental controls etc

    IF any one has any suggestions, i would be really grateful.


    John Fitz
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    Try this:
    Select "Tools - Security"
    Select "Custom Level"
    Scroll to the bottom, where it says "Logon" and make sure the second, (Automatic logon etc...) is ticked.

    Your security is not compromised globally. Only access to IE.
  4. Thanks guys, i'll check into these options


    John Fitz

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