Extended primary partition and can no loger dual boot

Hi all:

I'm running windows 7 in a dual boot configuration. Both OS installs are on a single physical drive (drive 0) and partitioned as C: and D: The primary install is on C: and I needed to extend the partition as I was running out of space; however the D: partition was immediately to the right so I needed to use gpart to move the D: partition and make some space to the right of the C: partition.

The move went fine, I restarted and I could get into my primary on the C: without an issue; however, when I select the other install of the OS that's located on the D: partition I receive an error that the system cannot boot. Any ideas on how to make my machine dual bootable again?

Thanks in advance.


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You may have messed up the partition table when you moved the leading edge of the partition, but hard to say. Moving partitions is always dangerous and moving the leading edges is the most dangerous. Probably why Disk Management will not let you do that.

Using the paperclip to attach a snipping tool picture of your disk management window will always help, guessing about a situation is not productive for any of us.

But maybe you need to look and see if GParted has an option to repair a partition, and it not, you might download Partition Wizard, the Home bootable version to make a CD or USB Flash Drive, which is free. It does have an option to repair a partition and maybe you can get your second boot back. Since you did not say anything about adding any partitions, I will assume you did not.

Before you do anything else, you may want to try to save any data on that partition, if you can access it...

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