External drive problems

Sorry if this has been covered before but this problem is diving me mad.

Running 64 bit windows 7. using an external seagate freeagent desktop 750GB and a 250GB sata hard drive in a winstar hard drive dock.

Boot up and everything works fine. After a period of time - usually about 30mins. both drive cease working even if transfering data. The only way I have found of curing the lockup is to force a closure via the task manager which closes windows explorer. After restarting my computer both hard drives then work again for a few minutes before the problem re-occures.

Never had this problem on windows vista! Only started since I did a full installation of windows 7 (not just an upgrade)

HELP. This computer is about to take a flying lesson out the bedroom window!


Run the diagnostic programs from the link in my tagline. Sounds like a hardware / driver conflict issue. There should be logs telling you if something isn't working right.

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