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Recently I had to take out my Vista drive and pit it into a holder where now it is like an external drive.

I want to boot that drive but when I attach it to my new computer (64 bit Windows 8.1) it doesn't boot.

I really want to run that drive again and while I can see all the data on that drive , it doesn't run. Therefore no applications work.

Is there a way to make that drive a Bootable drive with my new 64 bit machine? ??

It was a Bootable drive before when it was in the other laptop. So why won't it boot when it is plugged into a USB port.
I see it starts to boot but than up comes a back &white screen that wants you to chose various ways to start (safe mode etc).but none of them works and the computer reboots and wants to forget about that USB drive....


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Put the drive back into the computer that it was in & try to boot it.

Vista cannot be booted from an external USB drive.

Can't put it back into that computer. It is broken. But I would really like to run some of the applications again.
Must be a way. Why can't Vista be bootable on an external drive?

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